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  • Limited Beta Version
  • Extremely Practical
  • No Reset
  • Includes 25 Custom Seals
  • Submit Your Ideas!


Reveal Seals (Beta Release)

Put on your thinking cap! NYMP is looking for your ideas to add to our new Reveal Seals.

Our Reveal Seal Beta Release features 5 seals each of 5 different designs, for a total of 25 seals. We want to bring this number up to at least 10 different designs and routines for the final release, and we need your help to do it!

Reveal Seals are a compact and convenient way to perform mind-blowing magic with any deck of cards. Simply affix the seal to your deck in place of its normal closure seal, and you’re ready with a stealth reveal that’s available the moment you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.

These custom deck seals allow you to reveal a selected card or thought in a unique way that will leave your spectators gasping.

We want YOU to submit your ideas for new routines and reveals. If we use your ideas, you’ll receive a credit in the instruction booklet of the final release, as well as a free copy of the finished product. Achieve instant recognition for your magical talents and make Reveal Seals the product you want them to be!

During the beta period we're offering the Reveal Seal pack with basic instructions for only $5.95. Final MSRP will be higher for the full retail release, so pick some up to try out now!


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