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  • Machined Aluminum
  • Black, Red, Blue, or Green Anodized
  • Extend the Life of Your Cards
  • Exacting Specifications
  • Joe Porper Inscribed Signature

Temporarily out of stock.

When magicians think of card clips, they think of one name—Joe Porper.

The Porper Clip features a unique design that applies even pressure to a deck of cards, keeping it flat and crisp. The clip protects your deck and actually improves its handling, helping the cards stay flatter and last longer. 

You may have seen or used other card clips, but nothing holds a candle to a Porper. Joe's design is widely regarded as the best card clip available today.

Machined from aluminum, featuring a durable hard-anodized finish, and elegantly inscribed by the creator, the Porper clip is built to last and to please the dedicated cardist.

Originally available only in black, the New York Magic Project has specially commissioned clips in stunning metallic red and blue, as well as elegant dark green. These new colors help you identify different decks at a glance and match your own unique style.

The Porper Clip is designed to hold a standard boxed deck of Poker-sized playing cards, plus or minus two cards. The clip is not designed to hold thicker specialty decks such as the custom-stock Ghost Deck or the plastic New Era deck.

Don't worry if your deck seems like a tight fit at first. Even a brand new deck will benefit from a short time in the Porper Clip, becoming exceptionally crisp and easier to insert and remove.


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