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Bicycle 125th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Bicycle deck, USPCC has released this never-before-seen limited edition reprint of the original Bicycle design.

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Bicycle Ghost Deck

One of the most beautiful custom Bicycle decks ever created, the Ghost deck is printed entirely in black, white, and grey, with the exception of blood red pips on the hearts and diamonds.

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Bicycle Lefty Deck

The Lefty Deck creates new fan, peek, and spreading possibilities for both left- and right-handed users, and has countless possibilities for gaffs. Only available at New York Magic Project.

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Bicycle Lefty Deck Uncut Sheet

For a limited time we're offering only 10 uncut Lefty Deck sheets. Complete with Certificate of Authenticity and security hologram. Once it's sold out this unique collectible will never be available again.

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Bicycle Mini Deck

The Bicycle 404 mini deck has all the properties of its larger sibling, but is only half the size.

Create unique presentations and reveals, or find a thousand other uses for this miniature deck. (more info)

Bicycle Prestige Gold/Silver Set

Printed in gold and silver metallic inks, these premium Bicycle decks are the ultimate in showmanship. Bring a touch of prestige to your magic!

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Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards

The standard Rider Back design is now available in a variety of custom colors. Expand your magical possibilities with new color changes, or simply add a custom look to your effects.

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Forcing Deck

An invaluable tool for any magician.

Consisting of 54 identical cards, this deck can be used as a stealthy way to force a card on a spectator. (more info)

Forcing Deck - Reverse Index

We've combined the reverse index Lefty deck with the forcing deck concept for an original tool available nowhere else.

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New Era Deck - 100% Plastic

Printed on high-quality plastic stock, the New Era deck is ultra durable and has unique handling characteristics. (more info)


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