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Reveal Seals (Beta Release)

Reveal Seals are a compact and convenient way to perform mind-blowing magic with any deck of cards. Simply affix the seal to your deck in place of its normal closure seal, and you’re ready with a stealth reveal that’s available the moment you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.

Try out our 5 preliminary seals during the beta period, and submit your ideas for future seals! (more info)

Got a Light LED Replacement Pack

An extra pack of four LEDs with coin battery.

Replace lost parts or customize your effect. These extra-bright LEDs are compatible with the Got a Light? effect and are bargain-priced. (more info)


Joe Porper Premium Card Clip

Sleek and elegant, the Joe Porper Card Clip keeps cards flat and crisp.

Machined from your choice of black, red, blue, or green anodized aluminum, this clip provides an air of professionalism and extends the life of your cards. (more info)

Lit Refill Pack

From the mind of Dan White and Dan Hauss comes an effect featured on the "Dive of Death" international David Blaine television special. The reactions with Lit are explosive.

This pack of 14 gimmicks will keep you blowing audiences away.

(more info)

Mismade Bills

There is nothing more powerful than magic done with borrowed objects, particularly money.

The New York Magic Project is proud to offer you our own line of mismades in the classic $1 denomination, as well as $2 and $5 versions. (more info)

Vernet Classic Thumb Tip

The ultimate in utility tools, allowing you to vanish small objects and make them rematerialize from thin air.

The durable yet comfortable Vernet tip is the #1 choice of magicians. Instructions included to help you get the most from this versatile prop. (more info)

Yigal Mesika Loops

LOOPS are a powerful utility gimmick that allow you to make objects move and float with the power of your mind.

Created by Finn Jon and licensed by Yigal Mesika, these quality invisible thread loops are strong enough to move silverware, a pair of sunglasses, and more. (more info)


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