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  • Classic Rider Back Design
  • Barcode and Joker Reveals
  • Black, White, and Grey with Blood Red Pips
  • UV500 Air-Flow Finish
  • Custom Ace and Jokers
  • Made in the USA

Out of stock.

Bicycle Ghost Deck — $5.95

One of the most beautiful custom Bicycle decks ever created, the Ghost deck is printed entirely in black, white, and grey, with the exception of blood red pips on the hearts and diamonds. The Ghost is elegant and mysterious, and a perfect deck for performing magic or flourishes.

The Ace of Spades features a bold and intricate design that jumps right out at you. The deck is printed on a special heavy-duty stock for exceptional long life and durability, and Ellusionist's exclusive UV500 Air-Flow finish gives the Ghosts an incredible smoothness for professional fanning and manipulation. The finish also glows brightly under UV black lights, sure to draw attention for unique high-tech effects.

The custom Jokers feature an Ace of Clubs reveal, and the barcode features a Jack of Diamonds reveal. This gives you two stunning effects built right into the deck.

This 2005 release revolutionized the custom deck industry and is a favorite of magicians. Add some beauty and elegance to your act with the Bicycle Ghost deck today.


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