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  • Bicycle Rider Back Cards
  • Red or Blue backs
  • Made in the USA
  • 54 Identical Cards (A Full Deck Plus 2 Extras)

The One-Way Forcing Deck is an invaluable tool for any magician. Consisting of 54 identical cards, the deck can either be used as a stealthy way to force a card on a spectator, or as an amusing way to show that you're playing with a different kind of "full deck."

You can also use the deck to repeatedly "refill" forced cards from a regular Bicycle deck. Avalable in both Red and Blue backs, the New York Magic Project is pleased to offer these versatile decks at an incredibly low price. Pick up a deck or two today!

These decks are assembled from normal decks and resealed with a standard USPC sticker seal. They are not shrink wrapped.

With each order you will receive instructions for how to do a simple trick with your Forcing Deck.

If you would prefer a specific card, please put your request in the 'comments' section during checkout. We will make every effort to provide the requested suit and value, or a close match, but we cannot guarantee availability.


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