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NYMP DVD Collection

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  • All Three NYMP Titles to Date
  • Live, Unstaged Street Performances
  • In-Depth Teaching with Multiple Angles
  • Filmed in High Definition
  • Dolby Digital Sound


Total : $79.85
NYMP Collection (All 3) — $49.95

For the magician who is serious about refining his or her craft, look no further than the complete New York Magic Project DVD collection. Featuring 3 discs, two custom props, and over a dozen mind-blowing effects, this set will give the professional some real workers for his bag of tricks, or will turn a newbie into an ace in no time.

Magick Balay's quick and easy reimagining of the bill switch effect. This is the final word in bill switches, eliminating the dirty moments and sure to stun audiences over and over again, whether a crowd of one, or completely surrounded. Essential.


Difficulty Level:

Running time: 35 minutes



Ten tried-and-true effects from Alex Pandrea and Jonathan Price, with in-depth teaching. This single disc, with over two and a half hours of instruction, will do more for your confidence and know-how than any other investment you make in magic.


Difficulty Level:

Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes



Matt Wayne's high-tech version of the three-shell game dazzles audiences by replacing the "pea" with LED lights. This easy effect is great for beginners and pros alike, and will keep the audience guessing for as long as you like.


Difficulty Level:

Running time: 27 minutes



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