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  • Custom Foil Tuck Boxes
  • Original Bicycle Back Design
  • Vintage Faces
  • Classic and Modern Joker
  • Red or Blue Backs
  • Made in the USA

Temporarily out of stock.

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Bicycle deck, USPCC has released these limited edition decks, a never-before-seen reprint of the original Bicycle design.

Available in red or blue and featuring the original vintage faces and backs, the classic design has a distinctive look that oozes charm and uniqueness.

The deck's collectible value is enhanced by the special metallic foil tuck case and 125th Anniversary markings, including a custom sticker seal.

Bicycle heritage

A modern-style joker with special 2010 branding is included to complement the original-style Best Bower Joker. An instant classic, this deck will become an important part of any Bicycle collection.

The perfect deck for the magician, collector, or history buff.

Celebrate 125 years of Bicycle tradition by picking up your anniversary decks today.




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