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Jay Sankey Receives 26th Annual Louie Award

November 16, 2008
Last night I attended a Jay Sankey lecture hosted by Tannen's Magic. As a prolific creator of magical effects, Jay's career has spanned multiple decades. Jay's work has also been performed on national television by David Copperfield!

Approximately 100 magicians turned out for the event. Jay was presented with the 26th annual Louie Award from Tannen's Magic (named after founder Louis Tannen). The presentation was opened by magician Doug Edwards, who received the award in 2007. Jay told a very heartfelt story about his only other magic award, which he won as a teenager at Tannen's Magic Camp.

Jay gave his thoughts on performing "Real Magic" as well as wonderful demonstrations of several effects that he's created over the years. Particular highlights with the crowd were Jay's "Vanishink" vanishing Sharpie effect, and his latest release, "Reconstruction," a hot new card effect where a pip is visibly peeled off a card in order to change it into a spectator's selection.

Jay was very accessible and I certainly had a great time, as this was my first experience seeing him perform live.  He doesnt lecture often, so if you get a chance to catch him, don't miss it!

New Era Deck on Sale

November 9, 2008
NYMP is proud to be one of the first retailers to stock USPCC's New Era 100% Plastic deck. We've got an exclusive video demo and photos on the product page. We think this deck has a lot of potential for new effects and manipulations that aren't possible with standard card stock. This is a great new tool for magicians, and the durability is also great for avid card players. Check it out!

Dive of Death Final Report

September 27, 2008
In the few days since the conclusion of the Dive of Death, we've heard a lot of questions and differing reactions to David's endeavor. We've been able to assemble some additional information about the finale, including the official word from Blaine himself. We're also hearing some buzz about his next stunt!

Dive of Death Day 3 Report - Part Two

September 25, 2008
We've amended our Day 3 report with details about the controversial end to David's stunt. There are a few new photos in the gallery. Keep checking back as we prepare our follow-up and finish uploading photos and video of the event.

Dive of Death Day 3 Report

September 24, 2008
The first segment of our Day 3 report is up! We'll be on the scene tonight for the finale to David Blaine's Dive of Death, so check back tonight and over the next couple of days as we post more exclusive photos and videos of the event!

David goes airborne right on scheduleDive of Death Day 2 Report

September 23, 2008
NYMP is on the scene as David Blaine completes his second day of being hung upside-down over New York City. Click here to read the latest info and see the latest photos and video of this event. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our coverage of the incredible conclusion to Blaine's stunt.

Dive of Death Day 1 Report

September 22, 2008
David Blaine started his latest feat of endurance today. For three days and two nights he will hang upside-down six stories over Central Park, and finally be released to perform the "Dive of Death." The New York Magic Project is on the scene covering this event, and we invite you to view videos and get the latest word here.

One Month Celebration

September 2, 2008
A month has already passed since we launched the New York Magic Project website, and it's been fantastic. We've heard from a number of magicians who are already using Got a Light? in their professional repertoires. Thanks for your generous feedback about this unique effect!

This month will see some exciting additions to the website. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter take a moment to do so now—subscribers will be the first to learn about our next release.

David Blaine's Dive of Death

August 25, 2008
Reports are circulating that David Blaine's next stunt, "The Dive of Death" will involve hanging upside-down for three days and two nights, six stories above New York's Central Park. The stunt is set to air on ABC on September 24th. It is unknown at this time whether or not Blaine's previous comments about hoping to break the world record for sleep deprivation will be involved. The public is invited to interact with David as he attempts his next stunt.

NY Magician Geoff Latta Dies at 51

August 20, 2008
We are sad to report that renowned New York-based magician Geoff Latta passed away yesterday at the age of 51. Geoff was a founding member of New York Coin Magic along with Mike Gallo, David Roth, and Michael Rubinstein.

A memorial service will be held on Monday, August 25th from 7-9 PM at the Greenwich Village (Crestwood) Funeral Home at 199 Bleecker St in Manhattan. Geoff's family has extended an open invitation to any and all magicians who knew Geoff or admired his work.

First Week Celebration

August 7, 2008
We'd like to give a big thanks to our customers—the New York Magic Project's first week has blown away our expectations. Please continue to contact us if you have any questions or comments! The Got a Light? DVD is now available to retailers through Murphy's, so please put in a good word with your local magic shop and tell them you'd like to see the effect on their shelves! Once again, a big thank you to the community for your amazing support.

Website Launch

July 31, 2008
The website is finally here! The New York Magic Project is proud to announce its official launch. Check out our product pages to buy hot new magic items, or browse around our community section to learn more about the stars of NYMP DVDs.

First Got a Light Reviews are In

July 15, 2008
Matt Wayne's "Got a Light?" has received a very exciting response from the magic community. We're nearly ready for launch and looking forward to additional feedback about this unique effect.

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