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Luke Dancy Comes to NYC for Some Mischief!

July 14, 2010
Luke Dancy will be lecturing at Tannen’s Magic Shop in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, July 20th. Luke is one of the most creative minds working in magic today. As a head consultant for Criss Angel: Mindfreak, Luke has to think outside of the box and off the beaten path. And now he wants to share his ideas and unpublished works with you! Head over to to learn more and to reserve your spot now. See you there!


2nd Anniversay Sale

July 11, 2010
For the month of July we'll be offering some nice bargains to celebrate our second anniversary! Head on over to our Sale page to learn more.


Magick Balay Performing at IBM Convention

July 6, 2010
Our pal Magick Balay will be in California at the annual IBM convention from July 6 - 10! He’ll be working the dealer room with Fantasma Magic. This is a great opportunity to see his amazing Four Quarters bill switch. If you haven’t seen Magick do this live, then you haven’t seen it! If you happen to catch him, tell him NYMP sent you.


Free Stuff on Twitter

July 6, 2010
We're going to try giving away some freebies via our Twitter account. This week would be a good time to follow us there!


Independence Day Blowout

July 1, 2010
We want to celebrate our independence and yours by giving you free stuff! From July 1 to July 10, you can score some hot freebies just by buying your favorite magic! Been itching for a new Lefty Deck or Porper Clip? Head on over to our Sale page to learn more.


More Bang for Your Buck!

June 30, 2010
NYMP  has always been about offering great products at a great value. Today we’re upping the ante by creating our Complete DVD Collection Pack, allowing you to get all 3 NYMP DVDs to date at an insane price!

This is a terrific way for you to pick up some fantastic secrets without breaking the bank. It also makes a great gift for the magician in your life!

This DVD set offers a range of effects with lights, money, pens, matches, and more at a variety of skill levels, so there’s something here for everyone.

Check the blog entry below for the latest review of Four Quarters to see what people have been saying about NYMP releases!


Four Quarters Receives Shining Review

June 30, 2010
NYMP's Four Quarters DVD starring Magick Balay was reviewed today by David Penn and Craig Petty as part of their new “Wizard Product Review” series. These guys are really entertaining and informed reviewers.

Craig says of Four Quarters, "One of the best DVDs from a teaching point of view that I've ever seen. . .absolutely brilliant," and adds "if you want to learn how to do a bill switch, this is the definitive way of learning it." Doesn’t get much better than that!

Check out their review here. The Four Quarters portion starts at about 4:25. David and Craig's YouTube channel is well worth a look.

NYC Magician Steve Cohen Featured in New York Times

March 15, 2010
Steve Cohen, a.k.a. the Millionaire's Magician, was recently featured in the New York Times. The article provides a sneak peek into his show, Chamber Magic.

More information about Chamber Magic can be found in our 'NYC Shows' section below, or visit the website here.

Get Free Stuff!

March 13, 2010
Get a free Lefty Deck for creating a brief fan video on YouTube!

More details on our new Freebies page where you can more easily track our periodic giveaways.

New Custom Bike Color Available

March 05, 2010
We've added a seventh color of Rider Back deck to our lineup—the limited-edition Brown deck. Add this new color to your collection of standard Red/Blue decks, the Silver/Gold Prestige Set, and collectible Green and Orange decks.

Custom Porper Clips In Stock

March 03, 2010
NYMP is pleased to offer two new custom colors of the famous Joe Porper Card Clip. Click here to check them out!

Widely hailed as the greatest card clip ever made, these virtually indestructible clips apply firm, even pressure to your deck. Say goodbye to all other clips forever. We've long carried the classic black anodized model, and we now offer clips in metallic red and blue. Available nowhere else, this first run will sell out quickly!

New Products Added

January 30, 2010
Our catalog has expanded to include the brand new Bicycle 125th Anniversary Edition Deck and the modern classic Ghost Deck. We also now carry Yigal Mesika's LOOPS, a vital prop for all magicians working with levitations.

We have more new products planned for 2010 than ever before. Check back in coming months for instant downloads, new NYMP DVDs, and a few surprises.

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