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Kevin Reylek continues his report from New York's Central Park where David Blaine is performing his latest feat of endurance. NYMP will continue to post exclusive video footage and photos from this event. We'll be on the scene when Blaine performs his Dive of Death tomorrow.

David's doctors talk about the risks of the stunt on Monday

Dive of Death - Day 2
September 23, 2008

Hi everyone! Here's the second installment of our exclusive report on David Blaine's Dive of Death.

6:30 PM
NYMP arrives on the scene. The crowd has been surrounding David all day; probably a couple hundred people are milling about as we arrive.

7:00 PM
Alex Pandrea arrives and we wade into the middle of the crowd to get closer to David. Now that the sun is setting, they turn on the lights that are attached to David's cube.

8:00 PM
David gets hoisted for about 20 minutes as doctors check his vitals. Alex and I get additional photos and video footage. The scene stays this way for a long time. People visit David to have a quick photo taken, etc. We briefly run into some of Blaine's crew, who are all showing the effects of the long hours they have invested in this event. We definitely think they all deserve a nap.

David's primary physician Ronald Ruden looks on
David goes airborne right on schedule

10:00 PM
The Blaine camp has set up an area where the press and public can find out what it feels like to be hung upside-down for a minute or two. Alex and I are among the last people to try our hand at being inverted. Stay tuned for video of both Alex and myself going through the process, and even trying some upside-down magic!

11:00 PM
Leaving David to the final 24 hours of his feat, Alex and I take a dinner break. We'll being heading back to the park in a little while to try to score a little more face-time with David and see how he's doing. I can tell you, after having spent only 1 minute upside-down myself, I have immense respect for what David is accomplishing. It hardly seems possible that a human body could endure such a thing.


Kevin Reylek and Alex Pandrea will be staying in the park all night as Blaine goes into his third day. The latest videos and photos won't be posted until tomorrow, but stay tuned, because they are coming. We'll also be covering the final hours of the event, as well as the grand finale at 11:00 PM on Wednesday the 24th.

David stretches to maintain blood flow to his legs
David hangs six stories above Central Park

Until next time!
Kevin Reylek

P.S. We have heard some comments from people who claim that David is somehow "cheating". . .

It was announced before the stunt began that David would be taking periodic breaks to use the bathroom, restore his circulation, and have his vital stats checked. I can personally attest that after having myself been hung upside down and having watched David for hours, that his display of stamina and perseverence flies in the face of even the toughest critics. It seems to me that some people are pulling at straws to find something "wrong" with this stunt. Trust me, David is the real deal.




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