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Please use the form below to submit your ideas for Reveal Seals. We welcome all ideas for additional reveals and full routines. Please think outside the box! Reveal Seals can be used for color changes, vanishes, appearances, transpositions, and more. They can also be attached to more than just a card box. Stick them to a window, your shoe, or inside a card box! Those who have their ideas selected for inclusion in the final release will receive full credit and a free copy of the final release of Reveal Seals. In the event that an idea is submitted multiple times, we reserve the right to assign credit to the first submitter or to multiple submitters. All submissions become the property of The New York Magic Project Inc.

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Special thanks to Michael Weber. We discovered that he has offered a similar product in his lecture for several years, and he has graciously given us permission to release Reveal Seals.


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