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NYMP's founder steps in front of the camera for the first time!

In this updated, streamlined handling of a classic plot, a Cannibal card takes a bite out of a signed selection. The missing piece is then found inside the cannibal!

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Coin Waltz DVD with Alex Pandrea

A mini miracle at your fingertips! A pair of signed coins merge into a single coin that's signed on both sides, providing your audience with a perfect souvenir.

The Coin Waltz DVD teaches the full details of this modern classic, plus numerous bonus effects. It also includes a supply of gimmick material. (more info)

Centrifugal DVD with Magick Balay

NYC performing legend Magick Balay tips his hand on an amazing close-up levitation.

Borrow a coin, finger ring, or bottlecap and make it float instantly! Also includes a killer bonus effect and a high-quality gimmick! (more info)


AM/PM DVD with Alex Pandrea and Jonathan Price

Two of New York's greatest underground magicians teach you 10 stunning effects in their breakthrough release.

With something for everyone, AM/PM features magic with cards, money, pens, matches, sugar, and more. Ten effects from 2 great artists! (more info)

Lefty Deck

Bicycle Lefty Deck

The Lefty Deck creates new fan, peek, and spreading possibilities for both left- and right-handed users, and has countless possibilities for gaffs. Only available at New York Magic Project.

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